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Reston Bronze

11452 Baron Cameron Ave. Reston, VA 20194
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Club Rep: Rob Tucker
Notes: From Baron Cameron Ave. turn north onto North Village Rd.  and the courts are on the immediate right

Team Standings Lines Won Weeks Played
Belmont Country Club 0 0/0
Burke Diamonds 0 0/0
McLean Racquet Club Aces 0 0/0
McLean S&H Match Makers 0 0/0
Mount Vernon Marthas 0 0/0
Reston Bronze 0 0/0
River Bend Slice Girls 0 0/0
TennisPlex 2 0 0/0

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Belmont Country Club00000000000
Burke Diamonds00000000000
McLean Racquet Club Aces00000000000
McLean S&H Match Makers00000000000
Mount Vernon Marthas00000000000
Reston Bronze00000000000
River Bend Slice Girls00000000000
TennisPlex 200000000000

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